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Alan & Anne Dunlop

Seller - S/Y Freya of Clyde

"We would like to thank you and Michael for all your help over the last few months.  I'm not sure we could have managed all the paperwork ourselves while trying to remain calm.  Your professional assistance helped us through this unsettling period and we appreciate everything you have done for us.

We wish you well for the future."

Anne Thomson

Seller - S/Y Maia

"Thank you for your excellent service in selling our yacht. It all went very through very smoothly without a hitch. You are a great team."

Drs Richard & Kathryn Hannah

Sellers - M/Y Elbo V

"Thank you for the support that you and Michael have provided throughout this process.."

Tom Richards & Delwyn Smith

Sellers - S/Y Mahalo

"Karen and Mike, you've been great through it all.

Thanks so much."

Michael & Gail Dixon

Sellers - S/Y Southern Spirit

"Karen and Mike, owners of Lighthouse Yachts, have just completed the sale of our boat.  They are a highly successful team --  competent, personable, knowledgeable, and very good at what they do.  Not only did they obtain an excellent price for our boat, they went out of their way to ensure both parties were satisfied with the deal.  We highly recommend them."

Jon Eld & Kathy Vreeland

Sellers - S/Y Whisper

"We had the pleasure of working directly with Karen and Michael of Lighthouse Yachting during the timely sale of our yacht. Right from the start, it was their knowledge of sailing and the marine industry, and their commitment to service that most impressed us. If we needed anything – a recommendation, a part, or service, they were always available to help.


Whether we were in Antigua, or at home in the States, we appreciated their incredible adaptability to situations that arose during the sale, as well as their uncanny ability to make clients comfortable from the signing of the brokerage contract to the completion of the sale


For anyone considering selling their boat, or needing yacht management services, we would highly recommend Karen and Michael."

Roger House

Sellers - S/Y Pippa

"You have done a brilliant job and I did appreciate you and Mike looking after me so well on the test sail day."

Tina Catling & Mark Davies

Sellers - S/Y Magic

"Thanks to Karen and Mike  – we sold our boat for the right price and in only a few months. They are resetting the bar for yacht brokers with their high standards.

We cannot recommend them highly enough."


Jeb Blackwell

Prospective Buyer - Bristol 45.5


This may seem out of the blue.  I suppose it is in a way.  I talked to you a year or so ago about a boat.  As I have looked at Hurricane Irma, I thought about you and how kind you were as I tried to figure the boat thing out.  This note is mainly to say, I hope the storm does not cause you any grief.  My boat search conclusion is that I did end up buying a boat recently so the”search" part of my boating experience is over but as I went through it, a lot of very nice people lent me a hand and (back to the point) I have not forgotten the kindnesses including yours; which is causing me to worry about a person I have not actually met.  Again, I hope Mother Nature is/was at least somewhat gentle with Antigua.

Best wishes and I hope to sail to Jolly Harbor one day and say so personally.


Jeb Blackwell"

Anamarija Urh & Wolfgang Bohringer

New Owner - S/Y Nereus

"Very impressed with the service and honest way of doing business. We will definitely recommend them to anybody interested in buying or selling a boat."

Mads Wendelboe Toft

Charterer - S/Y Magic

"I visited Lighthouse Yachting during my visit to Antigua in August. Mike and Karen were exceptional in their way of showing me quality yachts with a very high degree of honesty. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and support in making my dream a reality."

John and Trish Straughan

New Owner - S/Y Mahalo

"When we embarked on the purchase of our first yacht it was with little or no experience of what was required or what to expect.


Karen and Mike at Lighthouse Yachting were very understanding of our situation and walked us through the whole process making it a breeze.  They liaised perfectly between ourselves and the sellers in a professional manner dealing with all matters and requirements from both parties.  As a result, the purchase went through very smoothly and we are now the happy owners of our first vessel.


Since then we have kept in touch and they have assisted us in many nautical matters, continuing to offer us advice and help when needed.

We have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective buyer or seller."

William Fitzmaurice

New Owner - S/Y The Cottage (previously My Elephant)

"Many thanks for your continued assistance with our cottage."

Elizabeth McDonald

New Owner - S/Y Whisper

"Please feel free to give our e-mail address to your clients.  We have lots of good things to say about you and Mike, and the excellent service you provide."

Nathaniel & Nina Montague

Interested Buyer - S/Y Weatherbird

"Thank you for all your prompt responses to our inquiries and for all your help, we only wish all brokers were as responsive as you."






Tina Catling

 Owner - S/Y Magic

"Thank you Karen for all your help and professional Support, Lighthouse Yachting has surpassed all our expectations.  Professional, Knowledgeable, Excellent Attention to Detail - and Fun."

Mark Davies

 Owner - S/Y Magic

"Karen van Rensburg at Lighthouse Yachting is amazing, vvv professional."







Gerard Knight

 Owner - S/Y Saltwhistle

"For anybody needing to import yacht parts into Antigua, I recently needed parts from the US.  Karen at Lighthouse Yachting Ltd., in Jolly Harbour Boatyard, made it all happen quickly and efficiently, and got a great rate on freight.  Give her a call."

Eric Faber

 Owner - S/Y Luna Quest

"Lighthouse Yachting arranged for my boat to be cleared out of Antigua, my passport to be stamped out and helped me acquire an Esta VISA for the USA. Karen then came to the transporter vessel to hand me my passport and my clearance documents.

A good service and well worth it."

Reiner & Margit Bode

 Owners - S/Y Deneb

"We'd like to thank you once again for your helpful engagement in our business with Peters & May.  We could not have managed without your assistance.  We wish you and your business all the best."


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Jolly Harbour, St. Mary’s


Tel:  +1 268 736-3883/5

Fax:  +1 268 562-9216

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North Sound Marina

Parham, St. Peter's


Tel:  +1 268 736-3886


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